About Us

Dear reader,


May we ask you a question?

What does a happy life mean?

We believe that the more happy days one lives, the happier his/her life is. And what do we need for building happiness?

Everybody will have a different answer. For us, it was the luck of finding each other, then God’s blessing of having 2 children and now a 3rd one on the way. Then there is the success in the professional life, which went hand in hand with the satisfaction in the personal life.

If we look back, we understand that both the happy moments and the difficult ones have played an important part in the persons we are today.

Do you want to know who we are?

We are a happy family, where mom and dad work and spend their free time with their 2 children and their dog – Blu. This is a pleasant combination of the 2 parts of life where we enjoy it, get tired, laugh, cry, rest, have fun, work too much and too hard, cook together, clean together, play, have walks, help people around us, visit our parents, meet with friends…

About friends…

Friends and spending time with them is special to us. We have amazing people come to our house, like our friend Grigorie. We have built such a great friendship with him that it grew into a business partnership.

Oh, we beg your pardon

We are so excited about writing this letter that we forgot to introduce ourselves.

We are Ina and Iulian Barari, with our children Stefan (4 years old), Ilinca (2 years old), a new baby on the way and… our Labrador Blu.

Now back to friends.

We were telling you about friendships and what they can grow into. Our friendship with Grigorie grew into an idea:

Helping mothers that carry their precious children in their arms, men who carry the life’s problems in their backs, children who must grow a healthy spine, with a right posture.

Getting up, getting straight and moving on is something people need to do many times in their lives. This is why we have created this product - to help you get up and keep going.



Ekkora Posture Corrector is more than a medical device. This is an improved version up to maximum, based on a thorough study, which was born out of our own needs – Ina has been suffering from scoliosis ever since she was a child.

We are sure that Ekkora Posture Corrector will fit you perfectly, solve your back issues and make you happier. Once you feel all this, please let us know, so that we keep creating products that improve health and make lives happier.

We are grateful for your time and for buying our creation!

Yours sincerely,

Ina, Iulian, Ștefan, Ilinca, Grigorii, and Blu.